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May 14, 2014

Starting at 09:00


Copenhagen, DK

Eigtveds Pakhus

So what was this?

In a recent piece The Economist stated: “The effect of today’s technology on tomorrow’s jobs will be immense—and no country is ready for it.” It went on to quote recent work at Oxford University, which suggested that 47% of today’s jobs in The US could be automated in the next two decades (pdf). The equivalent Danish number has been estimated to be 37%.

The #EDUdisrupt Summit 2014 is an event built around the belief that educational innovation is the best way to respond to this change. In the US innovations such as MOOCs have lead to a broad conversation about the next educational paradigm. Our event wants to give a voice to those in Denmark and beyond who are out in the trenches where education is being reimagined (Check out our exciting speakers).

Our intended audience spans innovators from across the educational space to current and aspiring EdTech entrepreneurs as well as people in the enterprise who are devising strategies for how to remain competitive in this era of accelerating technology driven change. A few questions we intend to answer: What could the future of learning look like? What have the early MOOC pioneers learned? What is the size, scope and nature of the EdTech entrepreneurial opportunity? Who are the Danish EdTech pioneers? And don't forget: It's a conversation so bring your own question too!

Ps. Member of the press? Check out this Danish release (pdf).

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